Taekwondo is the product of some of the greatest masters in Korea coming together at the
end of WW2 to rekindle the native martial arts, which had been banned during the
Japanese occupation.  The result was a combination of karate, judo, and ancient Korean
arts, such as Taekkyeon.  Our program focuses on both taekwondo as a way of
self-defense and as an Olympic sport.  A large emphasis is put on character development,
as might be expected in a traditional martial arts program.
Oneway: Complete Martial Arts

The journey of the martial artist is never over, and while we might gain mastery over
techniques akin to our particular art, the vaster world of the martial arts beckons us
onward.  Oneway represents such a pursuit.  In essence, it is a mixed martial arts program
designed for the traditional martial artist looking to explore all aspects of the martial arts,
from kicking and punching to sweeps and submission, from weapons to acrobatics.  With
this exploration comes an even deeper pursuit of the martial arts as a way of life.  Our
program is unique from other mixed martial arts programs due to its breadth of study,
traditional core, and use of a formal ranking system.
At Rising Phoenix Martial Arts, we offer several programs designed to give students the greatest range of flexibility and specificity over
their training;
however, we encourage most beginners to start with our taekwondo program, unless they would fit better into either our
Little Warriors or college programs.
Little Warriors

The little warriors program has been specifically designed for very young child (typically
between the ages of 3 and 5, but sometimes older, depending on focus and discipline).  
Students will learn basic kicks, punches, blocks, and evasive meneuvers, but they will also
play fun games, run obstacle courses, etc, as they work on improving leadership life skills,
such as respect, discipline, focus, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and more.
College Clubs

Our college clubs provide expert instruction for young men and woman at Austin
Community College and Texas State University.
 All ages and abilities are welcome.  This
program covers the same curriculum as our Taekwondo program, but with more of a
collegiate atmosphere.  Students may attend two classes a week; however, our full roster
of classes is available to college students that join our academy at a special college rate.