The little warriors program has been specifically designed for very young
child (typically between the ages of 3 and 5, but sometimes older, depending
on level of focus and discipline).  Students will learn basic kicks, punches,
blocks, and evasive meneuvers, but they will also play fun games, run
obstacle courses, etc, as they work on improving leadership life skills, such as
respect, discipline, focus, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and more.
Our main discipline at Rising Phoenix Martial Arts is Taekwondo.  We are
certified by the Kukkiwon and compete in the World Taekwondo Federation,
which is the organizing body for the Olympics.  Taekwondo is both ancient and
new.  It is the product of some of the greatest masters in Korea coming
together at the end of WW2 to rekindle the native martial arts, which had been
banned during the Japanese occupation.  The result was a combination of
karate, judo, and ancient Korean arts, such as Taekkyeon.  It was originally
developed for the Korean military and is still practiced by them today, but has
also become an international sport and is practiced by over 70 million people
in virtually every country in the world. Our program focuses on taekwondo first
as a way of self-defense, but also as an Olympic sport.  A large emphasis is
put on character development.  Students learn Korean terminology and are
expect to conduct themselves in a respectful and honorable manner both on
and off the mat.
The journey of the martial artist is never over, and while we might gain
mastery over techniques akin to our particular discipline, the vaster world of
the martial arts beckons us onward.  Oneway represents such a pursuit.  It is
an eclectic martial arts program that explores all aspects of the martial
arts--from kicking and punching to sweeps and submission, from weapons to
acrobatics.  With this exploration comes an even deeper pursuit of the martial
arts as a way of life.
Little Warriors